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   Lyon teaching 8 Hour Class. Chesapeake   

Virginia Contractor's License Exam Prep & Education

In order to work as a contractor in the state of Virginia, individuals are required to follow a step-by-step process as outlined by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations, also known as the Virginia DPOR. This process is your guide to obtaining you Virginia Contractor's License.

Within the Virginia DPOR's process, there are exams that you are required to take and pass,

and that is where AVAC comes in to help. 

AVAC is a Virginia family-owned business that specializes in guiding contractors in Virginia through the process of getting their Virginia Contractor's License, as well as navigating them through the process of starting their own Licensed Contractor Business in the state of Virginia. 

AVAC offers the following exam prep courses to individuals and companies seeking to obtain or upgrade their contractor license in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

8 Hour Pre-license Class
  • This is the FIRST STEP for anyone seeking a Virginia contractor's license.

  • This class is required by the DPOR for ALL individuals applying for a Class A, B, or C contractor license.

  • This requirement must be completed BEFORE you submit your Contractor License application to the DPOR.

A/B Business Exam Prep
  • This Contractor Exam Prep prepares applicants to take and pass the state contractor business exam.

  • Passing this exam is step two for all Class A and B Contractor applicants.

  • Class A and B applicants must pass this exam BEFORE submitting their application to the DPOR.

  • Participants are given the two books from which all exam questions are taken, already HIGHLIGHTED and TABBED for easy reference during the open-book exam.

RBC Specialty Exam Prep
  • This Exam Prep prepares applicants to take and pass the Residential Building Contractor Specialty Exam.

  • The RBC Exam must be passed in order to have the RBC classification on your license.

  • Participants are given the three books from which the exam questions are taken, already HIGHLIGHTED and TABBED for easy reference during the open-book exam.

Why choose AVAC for your
Virginia Contractor's License Education?

The AVAC 8 Hour Pre-license Class is taught by a professional educator and author of  Business Basics, Contractor Pre-License Education.  Enjoy these advantages of classroom instruction:

  • Attending this class allows you to complete this requirement in one day

  • Unlike online classes, there are NO EXAMS to pass to fulfill this requirement

  • Unlike online classes, we walk you through your contractor license application LINE by LINE, helping to ensure that you fill in your application correctly.  80% of applications received by the DPOR are not filled in correctly when first submitted, which can cost the applicant weeks or months in processing time.

  • Opportunity to network with other contractors in your area

  • Ability to ask questions to ensure that you understand the information being presented

  • Instruction that applies to your specific contractor business situation.

All AVAC Exam Prep Sessions include:  ALL books required to pass the open-book exam.  Books are already HIGHLIGHTED AND TABBED for you, saving you hours of classroom and study time.  Class time is spent:

  • Learning how to STUDY for the exam

  • Learning AVAC's proven STRATEGY for taking the exam

  • Reviewing the highlighted books you will use during the open-book exam

AVAC has over a decade of experience helping Virginia contractors pass their pre-license exams. 

98% of our students that respond by email pass their exams the first time.

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