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Advanced Registration

What is Advanced Registration?

We’re big fans of in-person classroom instruction. But COVID-19 has taken away the classroom, for now.

We’re still here to help. While we DO NOT sell books, we have created an Advanced Registration process. The Advanced Registration process will allow us to ship your class materials to you by mail so you can study the materials BEFORE you come to class.

As soon as the social distancing guidelines are relaxed and once AVAC deems it safe to begin holding in-person classes, we will immediately schedule enough classes to accommodate everyone who has pre-registered for class and received their materials.

You will then be ready to schedule and pass your exam as soon as possible.

We will be offering Advanced Registration for the following classes:

  • A/B Business Exam Prep Class

  • RBC Specialty Exam Prep Class

How does Advanced Registration work?

  • Call us to register for class or register                 online.

  • Pay full class price.

  • AVAC mails your class materials and books to you.

  • You review the material in the AVAC Study Guide and Workbook and review the highlighted information in your open-book exam resources.

  • You practice the math problems included in your Workbook and you practice looking up answers to the 200+ practice questions included in your Workbook. (We’ll practice these in class as well)

  • As soon as we are able to schedule classes, AVAC will contact you and get you scheduled for class ASAP.

  • You come to class so we can do a quick review of the books, the testing strategy, and we’ll practice the math you’ll need to know for the exam.

  • You schedule the exam, take it and pass it!

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