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Virginia Contractors License Classes 

Are you looking to obtain your Contractor's License, here in the state of Virginia?

AVAC is a DPOR Approved Educational Center for Virginia Contractor's License Exam Prep Classes, and we specialize in helping you through the entire contractor licensing process:

 - from the creation of your business entity

- to acquiring your license

- to operating your business at its most profitable potential.

Learn How To Get Your Virginia Contractor's License, Here!

What You Receive When You Choose AVAC for your Exam Prep Contractor License Classes:

AVAC Contractor License Exam Prep Sessions include: 

  • HIGHLIGHTED AND TABBED Books Required For The Open-Book Exam


You will spend your Contractor License Classes:

  • Learning How To STUDY For The Contractor Exams

  • Learning AVAC's proven STRATEGY for taking the exam

  • Reviewing the pre-highlighted books you will use during the open-book contractor license exam

AVAC has over a decade of experience helping Virginia contractors pass their pre-license exams. 

98% of our students that respond by email pass their exams the first time.

8 Hour
Pre-license Class
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Class A/B
Exam Prep
RBC Specialty
Exam Prep

AVAC's Class Schedule spans many of the larger areas of Virginia, including:

Virginia Beach, Richmond, Newport News, Roanoke, South Boston, & Northern Virginia

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